Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drunk and On Drugs

Earlier tonight, I watched an episode (-and-a-half) of The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour. Now at 12:12am, I must admit I admit I inhabit that very same dimension.

To boot (to wit?), I am listening to Elvis Presley Lives 25th Anniversary Concert.

Fucken awesome.

I cannot believe that people are having border problems. Elvis was a druggie. And he was awesome.

Jonnie Cash was a druggie. And he was awesome.

I could go on. Druggies are sometimes awesome. To ban them from the U.S. is to ban the U.S. from itself.

I love the U.S. for what it's supposed to stand for.


Yum. I love that shit. Elvis included.

What happened? What happened to the truth and Elvis and honesty and stuff? Where did it go?

If I can't get drunk and on drugs, then this isn't the United States (or Canada) that I signed up for when I came into this world.

It doesn't matter how healthy and perfect I'm supposed to get. I'm supposed to get drunk and on drugs to make it all worth while.

Come on world , come on righteous ones, smarten up.

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