Monday, August 27, 2012

Structured *Alcohol*! and the Biophotonic Device, Part 3: TEST #5

It wasn't long into my structured alcohol tests that mom called, wanting to take part in the wine study. Happy to oblige, I headed over to her place, Biophotonic portable water structuring unit (the "unit") in hand, ready for another hard evening of scientific research.
mom happy to take part in the biophotonic portable water unit study
Mom, happy to donate her wine tasting talents to the advancement of science.

In the previous post, one major question that emerged was whether the unit simply "breathed" wine, which would have caused a taste improvement regardless of any structural benefits.


QUESTION: Does the unit improve the flavour of wine *beyond just breathing*?

For this experiment, mom had on hand a "medium priced" bottle ($15/750mL). Perhaps we could answer a second question, that being whether the unit will improve medium wines or "merely" poor-quality wines (as it seemed to have done with beer, here.)

biophotonic portable water unit and glasses of different configurations
There were four glasses: unstructured, unbreathed; structured, unbreathed; unstructured, breathed; and structured, breathed. I ensured only the pourer knew the contents, and the drinker would have no idea what glass contained what wine.

Mom & I each had our turn picking favourites, and I went so far as arranging the glasses in order of preference (mostly on taste, but also on smell). I will say that compared to my previous experience with wine and the unit, the difference was not nearly so vivid.

For maximum potential of noticing changes, the structured wine was run through the unit 6 times ("for best results").

Me: Though not extremely different, I "correctly" picked the structured, breathed wine as the preferred wine. The unstructured, breathed wine came second. I actually picked the unstructured, unbreathed wine ahead of the structured, unbreathed! But, the difference was only slight. Plus, by that point I had sampled quite a bit and my capacity to differentiate has somewhat diminished.

mom deliberating over favourite wine
Mom, in deep contemplation over her preferred wine. "I think I'll need another taste..."
Mom: Mom, on the other hand, preferred the unstructured, breathed wine to the structured, breathed wine. Her comment was that the taste was "stronger". Apparently, the edge that I find the unit takes off wine and am happy is gone, she likes. Although, she did prefer the structured, breathed wine to the unstructured, unbreathed.

On a decent bottle of wine, the structured unit seems to help, but only slightly. Proper breathing is better than using the unit as a breathing substitute, and depending on how you like your wine, you may or may not want to use it in combination with breathing. (I do.) So far I'm drawn to believing it does have a breathing effect, however it takes an edge off the wine that some may or may not like. So, there may very well be a structuring effect on the wine, though I'm wary of concluding this and will endeavour to keep the experiments going in the name of good science.

Keep in mind, the above results are very preliminary, but continue to motivate me forward.

This post is part of a series of articles exploring the Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water unit. I seek to expose whether or not this technology, while seemingly sound on paper, actually translates to "real world" benefits. In other words, "Is it worth it?" You can find more info on the unit at; in Victoria, BC (where I picked it up) you'll find it for sale at Triangle Healing. Note, I'm not currently receiving any $$ nor endorsing it, though if I do become convinced beyond doubt, I hope that changes!

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