Thursday, August 23, 2012

Structured Water and the Photonic Device: TEST #2

So far so good. (ie, this device seems like maybe it does what it claims to do!)

TEST #2: Structured Water on Sprouting Legumes

I'm a regular seed & nut & legume soaker/sprouter, so I decided to give a go and see if using the Photonic water unit would work at speeding up time to rootlet formation.

results of sprouting with the biophotonic portable water structuring device
Using identical everything, except the water, I soaked and rinsed the two samples with the respective water (regular tap, and structured tap).

The Result: In the end, I found no discernible difference in sprouting rate between the two.

Caveats: I did not look for difference in taste (a significant omission), and it was perhaps not enough time to notice simply by visual observation, the sprouting having only been after a day (ie, the effect on growth rate might take longer to notice.)

A glimmer of hope and possible future follow-up: I find that in almost every batch of sprouts, I get a few 'hard' pieces of lentil (or something) that refused to soak in water. I've even chipped teeth because of this. However, this batch had no hard pieces. That being said, neither the regular water nor structured water had hard pieces.

HOWEVER, that's not the end of the story! It is mentioned somewhere (I can't find where exactly right now) that nearby unstructured/poorly structured water will be "imprinted" with the structured water structure. Forgive my non-scientific babble, but I hope it gets the point across --> after a whole day (and unlike just 15 minutes of TEST #1), the regular water may have been "contaminated" by the structured water, through some sort of vibratory-recalibration-from-across-the-room mechanism (or something). I won't worry about this issue as a main cause of the failure, for now, but it gives me food for thought.

This post is part of a series of articles exploring the Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water unit. I seek to expose whether or not this technology, while seemingly sound on paper, actually translates to "real world" benefits. In other words, "Is it worth it?" You can find more info on the unit at http://naturalactionwater.com; in Victoria, BC (where I picked it up) you'll find it for sale at Triangle Healing. Note, I'm not currently receiving any $$ nor endorsing it, though if I do become convinced beyond doubt, I hope that changes!

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