Saturday, August 4, 2012

Structured Water and the Photonic Device: TEST #1

I spent $300 today on a device that purports to structure water (and other liquids) and thereby making me healthier.
Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water structuring device

The Natural Action Water portable unit by Natural Action Technologies (aka Photonic Water Systems). Check it out here and here.

Sounds wacky. How the heck can a cylinder filled with golf-ball looking spheres, with no moving parts or filters, do anything at all to water? There is no shortage of debunkers to this whole "structured water" thing, like here.

On the other hand, if it does work to any significant degree, then the whole world should be using it. In every pipe on the planet. Given to everyone and everything that we want good health for.

So, does it work?

If it doesn't, I will become jaded at new age and wacky-science-type products (labelled "pseudoscience" by skeptics), which seem to always cost (for me, currently) a lot of money. If it does, well, that would be pretty damn cool!!

In the first of likely many experiments to answer this question, I took an opportunity this very evening, as I was preparing to make my famous kale chips.

TEST #1: Re-hydrating wilted kale leaves

wilted kale being revived with structured vs regular tap water

close-up of kale revive structured vs regular tap water
The "structured water" kale is on the left, and the regular water kale on the right. Both started with tap water, after which I ran one glass worth of water through the device six times. (On the instructions, it says that six is the number of times you can pass the liquid volume through for absolutely best results. Although once is supposed to be "good enough," I did the max to maximize any chance of a noticeable result.)
Did I notice a difference?...

Drum roll...

YES. I would say, definitely. The kale on the left was all firm after about 15 minutes or so of sitting in the water, while on the right much of it was still wilty.

Given that structured water is supposed to increase hydration (ie, it gets absorbed by cells better), this makes sense. Still, I must say I had been prepared for nada, so I was excited to see something positive, it being only test #1!

Caveats: Having designed the test in the moments I was preparing the kale chips, I dropped the ball when it came to recording what the two bundles of kale looked like before they were immeresed. I'm pretty sure they were of similar status (and would make sense, since they were obtained together), but can't promise they were. Also, the two glasses I put them in were made of different materials and located in different parts of the kitchen (so influenced possibly by different EMFs and atmospheric differences).

Still, even with these caveats, SO FAR I AM IMPRESSED.

Let's keep it coming!!

This post is part of a series of articles exploring the Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water unit. I seek to expose whether or not this technology, while seemingly sound on paper, actually translates to "real world" benefits. In other words, "Is it worth it?" You can find more info on the unit at http://naturalactionwater.com; in Victoria, BC (where I picked it up) you'll find it for sale at Triangle Healing. Note, I'm not currently receiving any $$ nor endorsing it, though if I do become convinced beyond doubt, I hope that changes!

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