Thursday, August 23, 2012

Structured *Alcohol*! and the Photonic Device, Part 1: TEST #3

In the first two tests, plain boring water was structured and given to plain boring healthy stuff. Now for some fun.

TEST #3: Structuring booze at a barbecue.

I had been invited to a bbq dinner, so I brought the portable water structuring unit along. I had been a bit nervous about how to present the unit, but soon found the crowd was happy to give a go and structure their alcoholic beverages.

Beer (high and low quality) and wine comprised the test materials.

TEST 3A: A High Quality Beer and the Portable Water Unit

One thing about this device, is that if things are carbonated, they become very agitated by going through it. I think that contributed to a ho-hum reaction after running a nice, local microbrew through the unit several times. It was all foam by the time it had gone through.

Verdict and Recommendation: It did not improve the flavour of a really good beer. If using on good beer in the future, running it through the unit only once, or maybe twice might be the way to go. For now, though, I do not recommend running good beer through the unit, due to the intense loss of carbonation and likely otherwise little flavour improvement (since it's already a great-tasting beer).

TEST 3B: A Low Quality Beer and the Portable Water Unit

Using a fellow bbq attendee as a test subject (let's call him, "Len"), I proceeded to prepare two glasses of Molson Canadian from a can. In one glass, I had poured the beer through the unit at least once. In the other, regular Canadian.

It was a blind test, so he had no idea which one he was sampling.

Verdict: According to Len (paraphrasing), the structured beer was definitely better --> smoother and tasted like a higher quality beer. So, at this point I am comfortable to recommend that you should run your low quality beer through the device. (Better yet, buy good beer.)

TEST 3C: Wine Drinkers

The bbq also had a share of wine drinkers. Though informal (ie, no blindtests) and fairly brief, two out of three wine drinkers who drank the structured wine expressed that they noticed a positive difference in the wine. (They had poured an unknown-quality red wine through the unit one time.) Although not a perfect score, the positive expressions towards the unit leaves me wanting to conduct more research.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I'll talk about my "WOW" wine experience!

This post is part of a series of articles exploring the Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water unit. I seek to expose whether or not this technology, while seemingly sound on paper, actually translates to "real world" benefits. In other words, "Is it worth it?" You can find more info on the unit at http://naturalactionwater.com; in Victoria, BC (where I picked it up) you'll find it for sale at Triangle Healing. Note, I'm not currently receiving any $$ nor endorsing it, though if I do become convinced beyond doubt, I hope that changes!

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