Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jaded at The Man

This posting is dedicated to the status quo within each of us.

Dear Establishment,

I love you. You've done a lot of great work up to this point, made a lot of advancements. Great job! And...


What the fuck will it take? Seriously? What?

Are you that dumb that you can't see why so many people are pissed off?

Are you that dumb that you choose to employ the same strategy -- and even more of it -- to pacify the pissed off-edness that your strategy caused in the first place?

Are you that dumb that you still think you can invent something, come up with a new "tactic" to get what you want?

What will it take for you to change your ways? Do you really need a shit-kicking that will bring you to your knees? Really? Can't you become willing without it?

Stop lying to yourself.

Come on now, sit and be still for a while. Listen. Tune in and turn on. Take a workshop. Forgive yourself. Recognize the mistake(s) and move on.

Oh, you're too busy and comfortable and set in your ways? It's easier and safer to just keep doing what you're doing?

Ok then, fine. I love you anyways, but really, damn, save yourself now. Look at the way nature works and honour it; stop bullshitting yourself into thinking you have a better way that works.

You won't win. Seriously, this is a game you're gonna lose. How many more clues do you need? Another pandemic? More nuclear fallouts and oil spills? More extreme weather? More financial meltdowns? More riots, more tent cities, more rebellion?

Come on buddy, get real. I only want the best for you. You've got the resources at hand that will help with the change, and boy if you chilled out for a second, you would see the will you need is right here too.

I'm here -- as are my brothers and sisters -- for you when you are ready.


PS Answer key to a few the questions posed: 1. No, you're not that dumb. 2. No, it doesn't have to take a shit-kicking to become willing. 3. No, you're actually not that comfortable, nor is it actually easier nor safer to keep doing what you're doing than to change. 4. a. WTF will it take, and b. how many more clues do you need: I don't have the answer to that.
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