Friday, August 24, 2012

Structured *Alcohol*! and the Photonic Device, Part 2: TEST #4

wine bottle and glasses used in the biophotonic portable water unit researchTonight at a dinner gathering I had the chance to test the Natural Action Technologies portable water unit aka Photonic Water portable unit aka the device aka the unit.

The test subject: me.

The test material: a lower-priced bottle of red wine.

Turning around in my seat so as to not see anything, a short distance away an assistant poured two glasses of wine, one of which had been given several pass-throughs in the unit. Having been somewhat trained in the art of wine tasting, and so finally after many years having the opportunity to use this skill for scientific discovery, I first gave a good "sniff" to each glass.

One glass definitely appealed to me more than the other.

Next I swirled the wine around to give it "legs". The glass I had preferred the smell of took longer for the legs to form, the legs looked more even, and they took longer to descend. (At least so it seemed on my 15-second inspection...I wanted to get to the best part!...)

It was time for the definitive moment. Would I myself notice any real difference? Could I choose the correct one?

YES. THERE WAS A DEFINITE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE TASTE OF THE WINE. It tasted less "sharp/edgy" and had a more welcoming gentleness to it. (Disclaimer: I'm not a wine terminologist.) So much so that one "type" of wine, I would be happy to drink, and the other I would probably avoid.
daniel tourigny and the biophotonic portable water structing unit


Caveats: The two wine glasses were different in shape (see above photo). Also, rather than direct effects of structuring the liquid, is this simple aeration of the wine? The wine had not been allowed to breathe, so perhaps it was simply adding oxygen similarly to what "wine breather" devices do (but doing it differently). For sure, no doubt the vortex-inducing patterning of the liquid moving down the golf-ball looking spheres of the unit would infuse it with oxygen. Makes sense to me. But is there more to it?

In any case, I can say that this unit will make red wine taste better, at least less expensive bottles. At least ones that haven't been allowed to breathe.

I am looking forward to making and sharing further discoveries of the effects of structuring
alcohol...stay tuned!!!

This post is part of a series of articles exploring the Natural Action Technologies' biophotonic portable water unit. I seek to expose whether or not this technology, while seemingly sound on paper, actually translates to "real world" benefits. In other words, "Is it worth it?" You can find more info on the unit at; in Victoria, BC (where I picked it up) you'll find it for sale at Triangle Healing. Note, I'm not currently receiving any $$ nor endorsing it, though if I do become convinced beyond doubt, I hope that changes!

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