Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I made my bed

It may seem like a small thing. You make your bed, or you don't. Who cares, right?

That's how I saw it for years. Not to mention it's easier at night when you don't have to un-make the damn bed to get in it. I mean, gosh, my mom even has these fancy decoration pillows and every morning she makes her bed, the pillows go on for nobody but her to see, and at night all those fancy pillows come off till the next morning.

Crazy. And, I've got a friend who takes several naps throughout the day --> and still makes his bed every time!!

So with this obvious craziness exhibited by bed-makers in my life, why have I done the unthinkable?

Well, it's about respect, mastery and discipline. A ritual with depth and purpose. A conscious reminder that I am no longer "sleeping Dan". He is dead, gone, nonexistent. Making the bed kills all hope of him existing. The bed returns to official standby position, thanked and revered for its service as it is made.

Then, at night, the unmaking of the bed. Opening the world of comfort, relaxation, and the eventual slumber of deep sleep. Yum.

Taking control, making choices other than ease, for a greater purpose.

So, go ahead and keep not making your bed. For myself, I now join the ranks of crazy morning bedmakers.

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