Monday, July 25, 2011

The Truth is in Toronto: Waking Up to Waking Up

Dedicated to fellow truth seekers and the Devil's advocate.

You will probably feel quite disappointed with the information provided in this blog posting. It is a good sign, in terms of understanding what I am trying to get across, if you feel uninspired and/or uninterested after reading it. On the other hand, if you feel upset/agitated or otherwise emotionally aroused, you may want to read it over again until it becomes uninteresting.

With what I have written below, I am not attempting to say in any way whatsoever to change anything you are doing or how you are thinking. Or maybe I am; I often have hidden motives, it seems. If so, sorry about that. I have no idea what you should do. With that said, I've made so many mistakes that I surely share some mistakes with others, and so some learning transfer may be possible. My intention is to get you to re-consider certain things you take for granted. Something I enjoy doing with my own mind.

Goddess Maya. She's good. She knows what she is doing. Nobody better at it. I don't see how the person writing this can get out of it, not that he wants to. I was under her spell unknowingly for decades, knowingly for a few years, and only very recently has the spell occasionally broken, long enough to become lucid while in the dream. Unfortunately, even getting wiser to her ways more and more often, I'm still incredibly undisciplined, not getting laid, have my fair share of depression and anxiety, and the world still seems like it's pretty fucked up in way too many scary places.

Have you Woken Up?
In conspiracy circles, it's all the rage these days to "wake up" to what is really going on. You've spent countless hours researching pieces of history that never made it to the main-stream. You've got David Icke and Alex Jones as Facebook Friends -- assuming you haven't yet uncovered Facebook as a CIA tool and Jones as a disinfo agent. You don't go a day without sharing the movie Zeitgeist with someone, or talking about how Zeitgeist is itself an NWO conspiracy.

So, with all this dedication to the truth, with all this time and energy exhaustively spent to develop a world-view that's got the pieces to the "what the fuck?" puzzle in a more correct order than the masses, you must have woken up, right? To boot, look around and watch as people are spoon fed mind-garbage from an early age, taught to trust people in white coats, to watch the mainstream media for the "news," and otherwise accept their lot in life, including all the bullshit notions about why the world is the way it is.

You are wiser than everyone else. You *know* these masses are deluding themselves, asleep, just so incredibly ignorant and seem to be determined -- to the point of self-destruction -- to remain so.

That's nuts! The masses are clearly insane. And you see it. So *you* must now be awake to the truth right, since you see the sleep-walk they call "reality"? They dream, you see they're dreaming, and so you sensibly conclude you are awake.

You Have NOT Woken Up, Dammit!
Follow me here: you have now constructed an alternative storyline to what's going on, to what's "true," and so now see the world based on that storyline. Your actions, words, and thoughts are based on that new narrative.

You're not awake.

You're dreaming again. Except, this time you think you're awake in the dream. Goddess Maya has you by the balls. You think you have awoken and are now seeing the people around you asleep. You probably feel a strong desire to wake them up too; to have them look around and notice the craziness they've been living all these years.

Good luck with that. Even if you succeed and don't have a nervous breakdown including indescribable frustration in the process of "waking" them up, you're just having them climb out of their dream-boat and into yours.

Not to say that's not progress -- at least you and they have picked up some tools for the process of waking. After all, it connects (or ought to) with thinking for yourself; taking responsibility; having a desire for truth, for uncovering lies, for something better; and challenging assumptions. All of that, hopefully, in the name of truth, love, and beauty.

The tools are fantastically useful. You've got to keep going, though. You're haven't emerged on the other side of the rabbit hole yet!

Finding Wonderland
So how do you know you have arrived? When can you officially announce to the world that you have awoken (or at least that you are awakening)?

Boy, this is hard to put in words. It's like I'm trying to tell you what the truth of the matter is. When you've gone as far as I have, you'll realize just how awful, futile attempt that is. Just awful to put the truth in words. It ends up on your bed-pile of "why I'm awake" thoughts, right at the top where you can throw it around whenever someone asks if you're awake.

With that said, it can still be fun to try!

You are awakening when you have a concept in your brain-programming that nothing you say or believe in is true (even what I just wrote, to infinity.) It's an algorithm to ensure no more bullshit is added. From now on, only the "delete" key is in effect.

You will have awoken when you realize everything you believe in is not true. That everything you think you know is not true. If it's a concept in your head, it means it's not really true. If you no longer believe any of your thoughts as true, including the thought that says that "no thought is true", you're home free. Got it? Great, now repeat that forever, and you'll remain in eternity. If you can laugh a lot, even within your own insanity, that's a good sign too.

No Offence to Winnipeg
There is a not-so-famous saying that I like a lot: if you want to fly to Toronto, why stop in Winnipeg? You can get off in Winnipeg and call it Toronto, but you will probably feel very frustrated. Or maybe the plane stopped in Winnipeg, but now you have to wait to take off again before getting to your destination. Meaning, if you want to really awaken, to get to Toronto and finally answer"what is the truth?", go ahead and get out of your head. No more looking for the truth in a right concept or right philosophy. At best, they will point you in the right direction. At worst, they are your new dream-state, even more secure than before to keep you in the ranks of Maya's all-star team.

That's right, you can take off the 9/11 Truth t-shirt and cancel documentary night, if the truth is really what you're after. If it's lies though you're interested in (which is waaaaay more interesting than the truth anyways), go for it. (If not, that's fine -- just don't kid yourself that you're going to find the truth in those places. After all, how many more damn documentaries do you need to watch before having "enough" truth?)

Instruction to Awaken Right Now
1. Notice what is noticing this moment.
2. Repeat #1.

I know, that's kind of lame. "Waking up" should involve a massive forensics investigation, exposing lies upon lies, and then more lies. Years of work, interviews, accusations and so forth.

On one hand, I'd agree with you if you believed that. By uncovering bullshit, it's one less piece of shit that stinks your belief-pile. It takes time to wake up this way, and what your left with tends to be less bullshit than before, till there is none left. That could take a while. And don't bother putting undue effort into finding the "true story" to believe in, because the term is an oxymoron and will keep you perennially asleep in dreamland.

On the other hand, you can be awake right now no matter what. Just follow the instructions above. It probably won't seem that fantastic, though, since your story, your "monkey mind" and all the problems that were there before will still be there when you fall back asleep. And you will fall back asleep, trust me on that.

Finally, a note to help prevent this blog entry from having deceived you: Nothing I have said is true, even this sentence, which you would think would have to be true in order to fulfill its intention of pointing to the other ones as untrue. (In '60s Sci-Fi shows, this would be the moment where the robot's ears begin to smoke as the infinity loop blows its AI mind.)


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