Monday, December 20, 2010

2012, Times of Change, and Preparation

About 2012, do you think it's “just” a coincidence that:

  • the Maya & Hopi and maybe other ancient cultures pointed to this point in time as an “apocalypse” (lifting of the veil);

  • there is an economic crisis stemming from the current paradigm of “what's really important” (money) to humanity at large;

  • the potential for Iran or terrorists or North Korea or whoever to blow us all up seems to be growing by the minute;

  • WikiLeaks is embarrassing the shit out of and manifesting incredible fierce backlash at it, most of which is by the embodiment-country of the current paradigm, the USA. And why, at the exact same time, support for WikiLeaks' mission grows like wildfire;

  • We have GMOs and nanobots and other techie things in development that, unlike nuclear bombs that can destroy everyone, can be used to make money and at the same time can destroy everyone (but since they can make money and slower acting than a nuclear explosion, they're like a “subtler” form of suicidal tendency);

  • Polarity in general is growing in the world psyche, and even those who say they now know the “real truth” after realizing the lie sold by government/corporate/media/bank etc interests (ie, certain activists, anarchists, progressives etc), only actually believe in a different lie, and that the polarity/resistance will only serve to annihilate each other (or reduce each other to mere scraps of their former existence);

  • Scientists say something to the effect of both a massive solar storm forecast potential and a seriously reduced magnetic field of the earth that could set up a “perfect storm” to wipe out the world electrical grid for a decade;

  • Alien sightings and crop circles have increased vastly over the past couple of decades (even taking into account greater reporting capacity and greater population);

  • things, from my perspective on the world-at-large, seem to be getting nutty nutty nuts at a nutty rate.

11 Ways to Prepare for Changing Times We're in and Times Ahead (aka Apocalypse aka “lifting of the veil”)

Societies come and go. Every single society ever has eventually ended and a new one begun. Not that it will happen to us, but you can't count on it not happening either. A transition between new and old societies might take some time, so it's good to start getting prepared for change. “Worst” case from these examples, if nothing much happens and things just buzz along swimmingly: you'll probably make a ton on silver, help the community, eat great food, be involved with great people, learn some great skills, elect better politicians, be prepared food- water-wise in case of an emergency, and de-stress your current life situation. Not bad whether all this preparation is “needed” or not, I'd say.

  • Stress management: Don't deal too well with change? Take up a spiritual practice (typically, involving meditation) and/or start counselling/therapy.

  • Survival storage: if you have the space, store a healthy amount of food/medicines/supplies. Assume: No food for six months, no water till it rains or in the local creek, and no power for one year. If you don't have the space personally, be open to share storage with others.

  • Neighbours & community: Be open to befriending your neighbours. You'll want to see them as friends. Put down the TV remote and check out your local community. You've probably never really seen it before.

  • Food: Support your local farmers, learn to grow food, and save seed.

  • Got time? Become part of a Transition Town movement or Evolver Social Movement or We Are Change. Each of these movements have existing chapters in many cities.

  • Got money? Buy hard silver, both coins and bullion (and not ETFs).

  • Got more money? Invest in micro-lending and community lending initiatives.

  • Learning & Skills: learn to sew, fix machines, build a shelter, make a fire. Communication/leadership, herbs, martial arts.

  • Politics: Support candidates who have sound character and integrity, and not just ones who belong to a particular political affiliation. Place your time and energy on picking the best local versus national politicians. Change happens on small scale much faster than on a large scale.

  • Information: Look beyond mainstream news sources as your source of points of view on where society is at. Don't believe any of it, and at the same time if you're already in the “alternative,” question that too. The world is not as it appears.

  • Move: If you feel the itch, head for an area out of major urban centres and communities who completely depend on the major urban centres. Lots of land to grow food and a friendly community is a bonus. Ecovillages, intentional communities, and co-operative farms are good candidates too.


Debra said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dan. Can you comment more about polarity? Thanks for the Organic Islands' link!

Daniel Tourigny said...

Hi Debra,
Thanks for your question and I'd be happy to elaborate.

1. Regarding the aspect of seeing through the constructed dream-story sold by major governments and mainstream media:

A lot of people, when they come to the conclusion that big governments and corporations and the media that serve them are basically self-serving giant egos bent on ultimate destruction and even self-destruction, come to hate them -- assuming these people aren't overtaken by paralysing fear. They use them to project their inner hatred of aspects of themselves they reject. These institutions serve as their shadows, and within the institutions are found reasons to "justifiably" resist them (eg, eugenics, population control, police state, ownership of life, elimination of the middle class and concentration of wealth.)

On one level, this may be all "true" -- there certainly is lots of evidence that at least some elite have agendas that could seriously mess things up for a lot of people, while other elite are doing it unknowingly. On another level, though, perceiving a lie does not in and of itself lead to Truth with a capital "T". It's only a different story of the dreamstate, meaning a different mental picture of the illusion of time. Sorry, folks, but Truth isn't found in time. Removing the illusion of the mainstream and hopping on board the alternative illusion still means you're in dreamland. Not that unveiling one level of the lie isn't a valid step, but you've gotta keep going!

2. About the polarity growing:

Gov't & corporation gets bigger, and so does the opposite -- resistance and grass-roots activism. Police state grows, and so does the publicity around and attention to it (eg, More pollution leads to more environmental activism. More regulation of pollution leads to more corporate lobbying and influence in politics. As each side becomes more obvious an "enemy" to the other, they find more and more reasons to justify their position. Hot-button triggers inside each of us will eventually lead more and more people to get off the fence and identify with one side versus the other. At an extreme, we would see martial law declared and the Internet curtailed or shut down. AND, we'll see more grass-roots activism and maybe
even violent extremism in some parts, along with people fleeing the cities and joining ecovillages and other off-the-grid communities. The more our current political, economic and social system attempts to repress its shadow elements, the more extreme it will get, and eventually be unable to continue the repression. The polarity will be reduced either drastically and all-at-once, or if amnesty and forgiveness come into the picture (ie, the masses willing to forgive the elite and not wanting their heads on a platter), gently and with minimal pain. The "minimal pain" scenario, as I see it, would arise only if enough people acknowledge and work to come to terms with their own shadows.

Daniel Tourigny said...

Here's a good add-on to this blog post: