Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to my TAB!!!

Hello visitors and patients of the Tenacious Asylum. If you have been a longtime admirer of The Tenacious Asylum, then welcome back...yes, I am still alive!! To all the soon-to-be patients of the's about time!! The doors of the TA have been closed since last year's Christmas-time spectacular (New patients: go to the web site to catch up!!)

I've decided to change course a little bit so that the TA has more 'control' in the 'controlled insanity'. I'm happy to introduce to you Dan's Tenacious Asylum Blog, or, Dan's TAB. Of course, most of the time being on someone's tab is not so desirable--it means you owe them money. Now, though, you have a great reason to be on my tab and stay there!

What's this TAB all about? Anything I want it to be, basically. Interesting stuff, no doubt about it! My goal is to contribute to the raising of your consciousness, and help you lead a happier life in an authentic way. Keep in mind that I have not yet figured it all out myself (or else I probably wouldn't be living with my mom :-P ), so bare with me while I continue this journey.

What's cool about this blog versus the old way?
  • Well, more than 1 issue of The Tenacious Asylum per year for starters! Rather than a huge giant issue that will take you forever to read and even longer for me to compose, the TAB will be more digestible for all of us than its previous incarnation.
  • Also, you can leave comments about my postings right on the blog, so I expect interaction and feedback to go up. Yay!
  • Live Bookmarks :-) (AKA RSS, Atom) I didn't know much about them until a few weeks ago, but are they ever cool...basically, you save the link as a "live bookmark" instead of the regular way, and right from your "bookmarks" folder you can check to see if there are updated postings. So, until I get a mailing list going, you won't need to actually go to the site to find out what medicine I am serving up for the Asylum's Patients (our term for subscriber).
  • Inspiration. If I can have a blog--it's free and easy--why can't you? it!!

You will no doubt learn a lot about me as I write my postings. Expect that sometimes we will disagree, and sometimes you will not be interested in what I have to say. That's ok. I forgive you.


And speaking of learning, I am still learning this Blog thingy, not to mention web site design, mailing lists, and all the other tools to direct my vast empire of goodness (oh, and I have to plan what that will be too). Hold onto your seats, baby!!

Welcome to Dan's TAB.

Until next time, remember to control the insanity!!!!

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